The body issue

To whichever female reads this or whichever guy with a younger sister who sees this, you should remember the days of wearing your mothers clothes and pretending to be an adult or begging her to apply makeup for you(for must of us it was maximum of powder and lipstick). My favorite dream by far was of being a teen. I knew adults had too much work and no freedom so being a teen had all the pros of a child and an adult but none of the cons or so I believed. I would dream of prom, my first boyfriend, my awesome escapades etc, but that’s where it ended. Children of today on the other hand take it to a whole new level.

This morning (I’m writing this at around 6pm) my 5 year old baby sister was crying to us that she was too fat. Please note that my sister is actually quite slim for someone her age and only has a slightly protruding belly. When asked why, she said and I quote

in all the movies, the prettiest heroes and princesses have small tummies

Maybe I’m just overreacting or something but then I think that’s really messed up. I mean seriously, why the hell would a 5 year old think she’s fat because of a movie? I had to wait till I was twice her age before it even entered my mind that a figure was kinda important. This just goes to say that the whole figure issue is starting to hit a wider age range.

Thank you for reading my rantings.🙇🏾‍♀️


3 thoughts on “The body issue

  1. It’s realky true and quite alarming. It’s just sad that there are people out tgere who’s driving force in life is their outer appearance, especially those social pressure because of their environment’s standard of beauty.
    I feel such standards are wack and unnecessary because everyone has a different perspective of beauty. And just because you don’t fit into their small minded version of what beautiful is doesn’t mean you should think any less of yourself and try to change your outer appearance.

    Although I may not agree wuth the societies small minded definition of beauty I think we can all agree that the most important thing is staying healthy and living our lives to the fullest while being considerate of the feedback our actions gain from others.

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