All That Jazz :New Post Alert!!

Before reading please note that this is only one of the opinions i had on the matter and I am not hating on anyone cause this isn’t something that really affects anything I do in life.

고맙습니다 - thank you in korean

There’s this group chat i’m on, where a few of the members see fit to alert others of new instagram posts. I’m not hating or complaining but I do wonder as to the why of it. My first thought was that whole insecurity and popularity security issue. Most people hate to do something they think is awesome and not receive a certain amount of acclaim for it. A picture on a popular social media site is a good example. You may think you look really nice in it but you don’t have that many followers and don’t want to seem like a loner so you announce to those you can rely on (eg family, friends, classmates{pack loyalty never dies} etc) that you have a new post that they should come like.

To be a devil’s advocate (that’s somebody who expresses an opinion that’s contrary to the popularly upheld one), who really cares? I mean, if I see your picture and I sincerely like it, then i’ll heart it or retweet it or whatever.If I don’t care about your life and what you do with it or I think your picture is one of the worst in the world, then i’m not gonna show you a false emotion, i’m just gonna pass it by or tell you amidst what may be false praise from others that I don’t like it. Screw me for having an opinion.



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