Fake Followers

When I created this blog a few months ago I was so hyped and all I could think about was publicity and what to do and what not to do and things like that. I created an insta/finsta (I get so confused about that) for it to get a lot of followers so I could get guys to go to the link but I waited an hour and it was taking aaaaaageees to get up to a hundred; so what did I do? What did poor, naive, little me do? I did the only thing I could; I went to go get me some fake followers.

Now, I know some of you are reading this and are 

  1. laughing at my utter stupidity,
  2. pitying me,
  3. or wondering why your reading this (btw I didn’t hold you at gun point and make you read so ba-bye),

but just bear with me till the end. I initially thought it was going to be such a chore, especially with all these sites asking for payment and let me not lie, it was; but I persevered. I finally found a site but it was in russian, I translated it all and started the process. Every 5minutes I would press the button and get 5 followers until I reached 100. I got tired at aroun 60 or 70 but I was reasonably satisfied. 

A few hours later I noticed that all of a sudden I was following a whole bunch of random Arabic guys so I’d unfollow and go on with my life. I was a bit pissed off with myself ‘çause I changed my email address and thought that was the end but I was sooo wrong. I just came back home yesterday after a month and a half away(or was it a month and a week? idk) and an hour or so ago I was looking at my account, only for me to see that from barely following a 100 people I was now following 201. My phone’s been displaced so I couldn’t log in(I forgot my password and password reset sent something to my phone) so all I could do was disconnect my email from the account and make a new one.

All-in-all it was a tiring, pointless process which served to teach me and maybe you that when it comes to followers just let life take it’s course. 

May the forth be with you (go check what that means)



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